5 Reasons why Salespeople need Salesforce

February 21, 2022
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It’s probably no secret that salespeople can be less than fond of CRM systems. After all, who has time to log in to a platform after a long day of calling prospects, identifying leads and booking meetings. Well, considering that 65% of salespeople using a CRM system reported achieving their sales targets, whereas a staggering 78% of those not using a CRM system didn’t, a salesperson is actually the best candidate to be logging into such software.

But why are salespeople so averse to CRM platforms?

Quite simply, they’re viewed as customer service tools, when in fact intelligent software like Salesforce are exceptional sales tools as well. When used effectively, Salesforce can increase productivity by up to 30%. We’re talking more closed deals, increased sales and improved forecast accuracy.

It’s also not uncommon for salespeople to view CRM as another way of being micromanaged. For their boss to keep tabs on what they’re doing. This can result in them using, but not understanding the value of a CRM system.

Before we dive into the 5 reasons why salespeople need Salesforce, let’s first take a closer look at the main reasons salespeople avoid using CRM systems.

CRM systems don’t impact sales targets

If it’s not making money, it’s not making sense, right? Wrong! We can confirm that entering data into Salesforce doesn’t automatically increase your bank balance. But if there was a way to make the sales process easier and faster, is there really a justification for not using it?

CRM systems are too complicated

Of course, without adequate training Salesforce appears complicated. And in many cases, salespeople have been left to get on with Salesforce with minimal training, which inevitably leads to disengagement and frustration. But armed with the ins and outs of the system and the know-how on how to maximise your productivity, Salesforce becomes very simple and intuitive to use. OYF offer Salesforce training packages tailored to your needs, check them out here.

There’s no time for data entry!

Salespeople are busy. There’s no denying that. So how can data entry be a positive thing?! Inputting accurate data into Salesforce will maximise your time and effectiveness in future. No more wasting time identifying hot leads when Salesforce can do this for you!

So what are the reasons that salespeople need Salesforce?

Minimise admin tasks

How much time does your sales team spend on routine, admin tasks? Probably way too much. A typical day of work will include emails to reply to, calls to make, meetings to attend, reports, follow-ups and everything in between.

Now, we meant it when we said salespeople are busy. But did you know that only 34% of your sales teams time is spent actually selling? The rest of the time they’re being pulled back by the administrative tasks. And this is exactly the reason why salespeople need Salesforce.

Create automatic email alerts for deals over a certain threshold, auto-assign tasks as deals move through the sales pipeline and speed up the approval process for deal discounts and travel expenses. These are just a few of the ways that Salesforce can dramatically reduce the time spent on admin tasks.

Save money

How can paying for something be saving me money?! In the same way that any good investment will save you money in the long run. From a salespersons point of view, the reduced errors in quotes and orders are sure to win you over. Not only are you saving yourself from potentially costly mistakes, but you’re also freeing up your time to keep doing what you do best, sell!

Anticipate what your customers want

Remove the guesswork from your next move by having the best moves laid out in front of you. Salesforce stores all customer data and interactions and can flag when communication has gone quiet, or when opportunities arise. You’ll also have leads prioritised based on previous interactions and sales with your company. Using the power of insights, salespeople will know what to focus on at any given time.

It doesn’t have to be a game of chance!

Safe storage for your data

No more scattered sticky notes! (Or lost sticky notes!). Salesforce allows the sales team to safely store all data, sales opportunities, activities and tasks in one place.

But why would a salesperson benefit from a centralised storage system? Well, have you ever experienced a breakdown in the process because the information hasn’t been accessible to all? Or left your notes elsewhere leaving you desperately trying to rack your brains for the last communications with a customer? Salesforce will help you avoid all of these situations by having your data and information in one place. Accessible from anywhere and accessible to all those who need it.

Save time!

Who remembers “there’s no time for data entry”?!

We’re here to tell you that Salesforce, in fact, saves you monumental time which allows you to focus on the good stuff. We’ve already touched on how Salesforce can automate routine admin tasks, freeing up a significant part of your day. But there are a whole bunch of other time-saving features in the system which will increase the number of closed deals and the strength of your customer base. For example, use Einstein AI to predict buying habits of your customers and save time sending unwanted emails with no potential to progress. The more data you put in, the more accurate recommendations you’ll get out!

So there are 5 awesome reasons for why salespeople NEED Salesforce. If you’re convinced, head to our solutions page to find out what we can offer you now.

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