5 Salesforce tools to accelerate your profitability in 2020

February 21, 2022
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Whether you’re already using Salesforce or are considering which CRM system will be best for you there is no doubt that Salesforce has some outstanding features.

We’ve highlighted 5 Salesforce tools below to help you get the most out of the system and maximise your profitability in 2020.

1.     Branded email templates

Branded email templates allow you to send out common information to multiple customers without the pain of having to type it out to each individual.

How it helps: A great time saver as you’re not typing the same thing over and over, thus reducing the chance of making a mistake

2.     The Salesforce mobile app

For those of you who are always on the move, Salesforce is also available for your mobile devices, too! No need to worry about accessing data when you’re away from your desktop, this app gives users all the familiar functions of the Lightning Experience on the go.

How it helps: The new application is easy to configure and use, and admins now have more power than ever to customise the mobile experience to create one unified Salesforce experience for users.

3.     Start a Flow on a Schedule

October 2019 saw Salesforce make some great updates for their Lightning Flows, bringing even more value to users. You can now schedule an autolaunched flow to start on a particular date and time, and set the frequency to once daily, or weekly. Scheduled flows can run on user specified a set of records. For example, you could send a weekly alert to the owners of Opportunities in the Prospecting stage that haven’t been updated in the last seven days.

To start a Scheduled Flow for a set of records, select the filter conditions in the Start element. When the flow begins, a flow interview runs for each record that matches your filter—no looping required.

How it helps: Previously, the only way to schedule a flow was to use scheduled Apex to call the flow. Scheduled Flows lets Admins schedule flows to run with the same ease as setting up a meeting.

4.     Dashboards

Sorting and arranging data is another headache that anyone looking after a CRM system has had to deal with at some point. Salesforce’s cool feature – ‘dashboards’- allows you to sort your data exactly the way you want it. The greatest advantage of the dashboards feature is that you are able to view all the relevant data without spending too much time searching for it. There are many kinds of data you can track on dashboards.

How it helps: You can save time and effort by easily displaying data that includes sales figures, the number of successful conversions or leads in order to follow up quickly and effectively. What’s more, you get to choose how your data will be represented – choose from horizontal bar diagrams, pie-charts, funnel-charts and more.

5.     AppExchange

With Salesforce’s AppExchange, you can develop and post your app, use other, already developed apps as a platform, and also install apps to customize your Salesforce page. AppExchange also lets you hire developers and consultants as and when you need them, so there’s no need to hunt for them on different platforms again.

How it helps: With this feature, you have access to the profiles of individual developers and consultants together with their contact information for you to initiate a negotiation to ensure a perfectly customised CRM system to fit your changing business needs as your enterprise grows.

These are just five of the outstanding features that Salesforce has to offer small and medium sized businesses. Given that a properly implemented CRM solution can improve customer retention rates by as much as 27% it’s easy to see how looking after your customers can go a long way to ensuring your profitability in 2020.

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