Are you too busy to get your CRM set up properly?

March 15, 2022
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This is an all too common problem that is faced in the Salesforce world. 

Your business is desperate for a system that fixes so many of your frustrations in the business, you know you're missing out on leads, you’re letting your clients down, you don’t have the data to see where things are going wrong, you can’t measure how effective your sales team are, etc.  

Your solution…..  Call in the experts, A Salesforce Consultant; you sense that your frustrations are soon going to be a thing of the past as you’ve got the professionals ‘on the case’. 

The process begins and the Consultant asks for the brief. They ask you what is it that you actually want the system to do and how you would like it to look”?  But, you’re a busy person, right? Way too busy to give up the time for this project, so you do what most busy business owners do in this situation, you say to the Consultant “you’re the expert, build it how you think I’ll need it”.

This is a Consultants worst nightmare, the ‘open brief’, so the quote goes back to the you… It’ll cost you somewhere between £5k and £20k, depending on what we find out about your requirements through the process.  

How does this make you feel? I can hear it now…. What are those idiots up to? How can I make a decision with such a varied cost?

Let’s wind back a bit here though. Have you ever employed consultants to do a project for you and they haven’t delivered exactly what you thought you were getting?  I guess the answer is yes, so let’s consider for a moment, did you give enough time at the beginning to ensure there was a full brief and clear understanding, or perhaps it’s just possible you were a bit too busy?

Let’s make all our implementations go right first time, let’s devote enough time and importance to that briefing meeting at the beginning and then perhaps we might get what we want and need to drive our business forward.

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