Do small businesses need a CRM system?

May 13, 2022
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We believe that all businesses should have a CRM system, no matter how large or small. That doesn’t mean to say it should always be Salesforce, however all businesses should have a central system for capturing their customer information to ensure they are providing the best possible service to their customers.

In recent times CRMs were targeted at enterprise level companies, this is no longer the case. Implementing a CRM system such as Salesforce without breaking brains or budgets can be done for a small business. CRM platforms are an effective and scalable solution which can grow alongside your business growth. At its most basic level a CRM system lets you see the status of your customers, it allows your business to gain, retain and satisfy your customers. It’s just as valuable to give you good quality information about your business and how it’s performing as it is to help you identify and win new business opportunities.

Many small businesses still struggle with using spreadsheets, inboxes, or even ‘post it’ notes to keep track of their client relationships. But at some point, these “systems” can stop working. You start to lose prospects, customer service starts to decline, calls are not followed up and you start to lose business.

With an Excel spreadsheet, you might track your customers name, email, phone number and address and a few notes. With a CRM, you can track all that plus company size, the team's positions in a company, link your emails for a full history, calls, leads, reporting and much more.

The trick is setting up a platform in a way that suits your business processes so you don't have to change your business processes to fit in with how the platform works. We change the platform to fit in with how you work, we understand your needs and set the platform up for you specifically.

So to wrap things up, if you want your business to have better:

-       Structure

-       Consistency

-       Stability

-       Profitability

-       Sales strategy

-       Data management

-       Customer relationships

Then a CRM system such as Salesforce is the way forward, whatever sized business you may have.

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