Do you have the right team on board?

March 8, 2022
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A business is only as good as the Team Members that work within it. So often, we hear the Business Owner saying….. ‘Everything would be fine if the team that work for me did as they were supposed to.’  The real questions that follow are :-

● Who recruited the team?

● What process was used to determine the right people to recruit?

● Who is responsible for getting the Team to do what they’re supposed to?

● What is the reason that they’re not doing what they’re supposed to?

Unfortunately, as the Business Owner, we have to accept responsibility for the Team that we have, but what makes a successful team. We often use the phrase – are all your Team ‘on the bus?’ So what determines whether they are ‘on the bus?’

There are two aspects to consider; does the Team Member get results or not and do they have the values or not? Jack Welch, Ex CEO of GE, had a neat way of charting people within his organisation, see below

Consider your Team at present and how they fit into the matrix.

If they have the values and get results, then the course of action is crystal clear.  Look after these people. They are great Team Members and should be developed, promoted and generally encouraged within the business.

It is equally easy to understand that if they don’t have the values and don’t get results they should be exited from the business immediately.

The next category, have the values but don’t get results require some attention. Basically they need to be developed, trained, helped to perform where they are. If this doesn’t work then they may be repositioned within the business to an area where they can get results. If this still doesn’t work then they will have to be delicately exited from the business and helped in their pursuit for alternative employment.

The last category is the most difficult to come to terms with. These are the people who get results but don’t have the values. Often we find business owners sacred to deal with them as they bring in the most business so  feel that the normal business rules don’t apply to them – they feel that they’re above all of that and can get away with murder. The only way to deal with this group of people is to exit them from the business as quickly as possible as they are like the one rotten apple in the business that will turn the others bad. This is quite frightening for some as they worry how they will replace the income of business. The most important thing here is that it needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later as leaving the situation or failing to deal with it will just result in a much larger problem later down the line.

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