How to Improve Your Business With Salesforce CRM

March 8, 2022
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With 96% of companies failing within 10 years business performance is a critical element to long term success. If your company isn’t achieving (or exceeding!) your goals or meeting your clients’ expectations, then few other achievements will matter. I’ve been working with my clients to implement and improve their use of Salesforce CRM to provide them with the tools they need to beat the statistics, improve performance, boost revenue, and increase overall ROI in the process.

Salesforce has helped thousands of businesses to manage their customers better and help gain quality leads to grow their businesses. It is one of the most popular CRMs around, and businesses around the world use it to improve their revenues and enhance their bottom lines. I’ve found that Salesforce CRM tools are designed with the customer in mind, empowering businesses to assist customers, address concerns, find solutions, and provide value. This CRM system genuinely makes it possible for you to put customer success first, and in the process, focus on your own business performance improvement.

Today’s consumers demand personalised multi-channel attention and as such your team needs to be able to quickly access accounts, contracts, tasks, events, and any other relevant personal data. Salesforce provides a convenient platform for managing all of your customer-related information, making it possible for you to treat every customer as though they are your only customer. One of my clients reports that they’ve managed to get rid of lots of spreadsheets as all their customer data is kept in one, organised place. Also, by better understanding your customers, you’ll be in a position to predict their future actions thus enhancing and personalising their experience even further. Salesforce CRM improves forecast accuracy by as much as 42%. (Source: Salesforce small business spotlight)

Save Your Time

All you need is a working internet connection and you’ll be able to track a customer’s purchase history, coordinate campaigns between departments and take full advantage of a complete range of tools and reports via Salesforce’s cloud based CRM, all without having to pay expensive hardware and IT costs. With the entire platform based in the cloud, maintenance can be done without having to bring technicians into the office, therefore saving you precious time and money too.

Salesforce gives you back hours in your day by combining all of your agents’ calendars, schedules, activities, and more, and helps make those appointments better serve customers. This means less downtime, and significantly fewer deadline-related stresses.

Improve Teamwork

Having a cloud-based, cross-department platform means that all members of your team can work together to ensure customer success. By simply logging in to your company’s database from any internet-enabled device, your various departments can access relevant data, communicate, and collaborate together to provide a seamless customer-service experience that isn’t blighted by interdepartmental miscommunication.

Businesses are increasingly looking at integrating Salesforce and other CRM tools with their enterprise resource planning solutions (ERP). This helps them to bring their customer relationship management and backend processes together, helping automate many processes which otherwise need to be copied or duplicated. This saves valuable time and effort, and helps businesses focus on their core activities. Salesforce is particularly amenable to integration thanks to its API. Integrating Salesforce with ERP helps companies to manage their inventories better, and bring the best customer service to their target audience.

Between automating time-consuming tasks, inspiring better collaboration, and eliminating the need for managerial micromanagement, Salesforce helps business owners eliminate wasteful processes and redundant effort, leaving a fluid, efficient system that will give your organisation and your customers real value at every level. As a result, company productivity increases. In fact, the adoption of Salesforce has been shown to increase sales productivity by as much as 34%.

Make Your Sales Pipeline More Efficient

Salesforce provides valuable insight about how customers behave, respond and react to marketing campaigns. It provides information regarding marketing trends, lead generation and management, all of which help in developing better marketing campaigns. Report generation helps businesses to quickly access data that helps to improve products and services. With easy access to deep insights and and analytics, your management team can efficiently direct your marketing efforts and track your successes.

Finding the right leads can be a full-time job, to say nothing of tracking those leads through the sales pipeline toward purchase and full commitment. Salesforce allows for easy tracking of individual prospects, including their pain points, expectations, and any other information that might be useful in helping a potential customer along the path to the sale. As such, you’ll always be able to see exactly where a lead is in your pipeline, as well as know what their next step should be. The end result is that Salesforce applications have been shown to increase company sales by up to 29%.

I particularly like the fact that there are various ways in which you can view your data, one of my favourites is Kanban mode which makes it really easy to see where a lead is in your pipeline.

Improved Performance + Happier Customers
+ Better Returns = Continued Success

Once you know how to improve business performance using Salesforce, then increasing customer satisfaction becomes a foregone conclusion. OYF offer on-going training to ensure you get the most out of your Salesforce investment meaning that all of your team will be fully empowered to maximise its benefits. I really pride myself on taking the time to understand my clients requirements and gain great satisfaction when they tell me I’ve made things simple to understand and that their working lives are much better following the changes we make together.

If you’re thinking about a CRM system for your business, or if you installed Salesforce yourself and you’d like to see how it can be customised for your unique requirements then get in touch with Ant, email

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