Just how ‘Effective’ is your ‘Effective Selling Time (EST)’?

March 15, 2022
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Sales people with good selling skills are really hard to come by.  When we do get one, we want them to be on the phone selling for as much time as possible.  So why is it so common in sales departments to see so much activity during EST on things other than being on the phone? What I see is the team being very busy in looking through excel spreadsheets, internet, old emails etc to find out the history of previous conversations so they can be reminded of what has been spoken about in the past.   It is of course vital that we have this information so we need to look at how we can collate it all together in one place at the touch of a button so the sales team can minimise the time on admin and maximise the time on the phone.  Just think for a moment, if you could double the amount of time your salespeople spent on the phone, what impact could that have on your sales? Double?

A great CRM system such as Salesforce can do all this for you. Built correctly, it can link all call history, email chains, pertinent data together and display them automatically when a contact's details are called up on screen.  It can be set up to automatically send out emails at defined times; it can set reminders to call certain people at the right time so no lead is forgotten; it can produce reports and send them automatically to the right people at the right time.  Basically it can be set up in any way you choose to minimise the amount of Non Value Adding tasks that our key resource spends so much time doing.

If you can dream of the system you'd like for your business, give us a call as it’s likely that Salesforce can be set up to do it for you.  The return on your investment (ROI) will be well worth it if you could double sales!

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