New Year ‘Business System’ Resolution

March 15, 2022
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“This is the year I get a new Business System that will make my life less stressful and my business more manageable!”

Does this statement ring any bells? Ever heard yourself or someone you know say this many times over?

As usual, this is the time of year that we all start thinking about things in a fresh light.  We’ve been running our business for years now and we always seem to be promising ourselves that this is the year that we finally sort things out and take control of our business rather than letting the business control us as usual. Well now’s the time to take action, but wait a minute, this is a bit like the feeling when considering signing up as a brand new member to a gym - “Well, let me think, which gym do I go to? What kit do I need? Will the gym suit my needs? Do I need a trainer? Should I go to classes? Perhaps open sessions would be best? I’m not sure what it will cost? - I know, let me think on these questions a while before I make a decision,” and before we know it we’re approaching next Christmas and another year has passed and we still didn’t get anything sorted.

So how do I make it different this year?  I’m afraid the only answer to this question is that you have to change first, in that you have to make a first move in deciding that you are going to make it happen and make the first call to someone who will be able to help.  Once that first call is made then the wheels start moving and you can be helped along the way. Yes, you will have to make some time available to this process to ensure that you define what you want the system to do for you but then you can hand over all the worries of building and implementing it to the professionals.

This is quite daunting to so many business owners because as much as they are the technical authority in their business for what their business does, often they feel totally lost in the area of business systems. Here at OYF we pride ourselves in taking out the mystique of systems and put everything in the right language for you and your business.  Why don’t you give us a call and we’ll happily talk you through the process and start you on the right path.

Go on, make this the year you actually do get the business system implemented!

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