Productivity in the workplace after Covid

March 15, 2022
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This is a hot topic with so many varied opinions ranging from ‘employees have to work from the office as they can’t be productive at home’ to the total opposite.  I believe there’s no one size fits all solution for the future, more an opportunity to reimagine the possibilities. Almost certainly a hybrid model could work for most roles and could be sorted this way.

Evaluate the roles of individuals and categorise their activities, for example:

● Can be done remotely and independently

● Can be done remotely via catch ups on phone / video call

● Needs the interaction of others best done via ‘face to face’ on site

Evaluate the effectiveness of the individual, for example:

● Do they work best remotely?

● Do they work equally well remotely or on site?

● Do they work best on site?

Evaluate the needs for the business, for example

● Does the business function better from shared energy?

● Do the new recruits need more constant touch points to learn the job?

● Is there a need for many impromptu interactions?

● How much benefit is there from ‘water cooler’ chats?

Armed with this information we can help set default diaries for all our team to manage their most productive working environments and this may well mean that different individuals have different arrangements.

Most people have a view on this subject and I guess we’ll always judge their views through our own filters, here are a few views I’ve heard

● People do work best from home

● People do work best from the office

● People like working from home as they can be more productive

● People like working from home because they can put their feet up and do nothing

● People like working from home because they can use some time to do the washing and run errands

● People work from home and end up doing 12 hour days

● People can’t be trusted to work at home

One thing’s for sure, in my view if you don’t trust your team to work from home you should wonder why you still employ them. This could say more about the employer than the employee.

I for one know what suits me best. Working from an office surrounded by an inspirational team.  Home for me is somewhere where I like to switch off and make the divide from work. I've found that when I do work from home I am highly distracted by many things but at the same time my mind is in work mode 24/7.  This I find is very draining and makes me less productive when I am officially trying to work.

What are your thoughts on working from home? Are your team back in the office or do you have a team that are working from home?

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