Should I set up my salesforce myself?

March 8, 2022
You ask we answer

Often when talking to business owners I find that their view of systems is tainted by the horror stories that they've heard from other businesses that have tried to implement a CRM system themselves and it has been a very expensive and harrowing ordeal.  Indeed this was my experience with my early interactions with such systems as I got my way through 5 different systems claiming that they were all useless, not fit for purpose and couldn't do what I needed them to do.  It was then that I came to understand what the common denominator was in all these systems....... ME.  I tried to implement them all myself, learning how to configure them and making an extremely bad job of it.  Subsequently I now have a CRM system that was set up and configured by an expert in that system.  Yes, sure it seemed expensive but it was up and running in less than two weeks with all the functionality that I wanted and started delivering benefits from the start.  The payback on the implementation costs was less than 2 months and then the real fun began. The beauty of this outside help was that they enabled me to tell them exactly what I wanted and then they built it directly in line with that spec.  It saved me many hours of frustration in trying to learn a system myself and allowed me to focus on my core skill rather than becoming distracted for another 3 months.

This new system is in line with my terminology for the company, and has only the field that I need (all others have been hidden) so it's not at all cluttered.  The reports are displayed how I drew them on paper, in real time and with accurate data to allow me to make the best business decisions at speed.

If you would like to know more about this software please click the link below and leave your details and we’ll be delighted to answer your questions.

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