The Essential Elements for World-Class Customer Service

March 4, 2022
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The key to business success is simple: customer service. But not just any customer service. The type of customer service that has someone raving about your company and recommending it to their friends. The type of customer service that will keep a customer coming back for more.

This isn’t anything new. In fact, businesses still rate customer service as being the most important factor in the success of their business. But unfortunately what a business thinks is good customer service, just isn’t enough. With the unlimited information we have access to, all it takes is one bad customer service experience for a customer to stop doing business with a company. Why would they wait around for it to happen again when there’s plenty of other companies out there? When it comes to customer service, there’s always room for improvement and we should always be learning what more we can do for the people who allow our businesses to grow.

So what’s getting in the way of transforming our customer service? Two things: being underprepared and undertrained. Customer expectations aren’t what they used to be. The power of the internet has revolutionised consumerism, with customers now armed with an abundance of knowledge, and the confidence that if one business can’t meet their expectations, then there’ll be another one that can. It’s never been simpler to find the cheapest, fastest and smartest alternative, anywhere in the world. And this is what businesses need to be prepared for.

From a business’ perspective, lack of business alignment is often cited as the top inhibitor to providing consistently good customer service. So how do you overcome this?

It’s pretty simple. Your team need to be empowered to do their job, and do their job well. Do they have comprehensive, up-to-date and easily accessible views of the customer and product insights? 88% of top service teams agree that their agents have all of the above, so it’s easy to see what they are doing right.

The essentials to give world-class customer service

How exactly do you empower your employees?

Enable a 360-degree customer view

We’ve all been there. Data scattered across different places, usually on different systems. What should take a quick glance, ends up taking a significant amount of time. The amount of time is should have taken to deal with a customer’s query and close the case.

Integrating all of your data into one place means that every agent has visibility into who a customer is, their history with the business, where they’ve come from and how to best help them. It sounds intuitive, but many businesses lack the infrastructure which could store all data in one location.

Deploy a single, cross-channel platform

Having all your data in one place is one thing. Being able to access it anytime and anywhere is another. Having a single, connected platform where your agents can access all information and collaborate with each other is essential to providing a world-class customer service. All team members using the same software streamlines processes. Ensure everyone is seeing the same, accurate data with the ability to transfer cases between individuals, and you’re onto a winning customer service experience.

Support from AI-enabled technologies

A little AI goes a long way. Using advanced technologies, you can be sure that every customer query is directed automatically to the agent best suited to help. Even better, AI can make next-best-action recommendations to your agents based on previous interactions with a customer. This makes the process incredibly efficient, ensuring a prompt and productive resolution.

And the beauty of AI doesn’t stop there! Ever heard of a chatbot? Chances are you’ve likely interacted with one yourself. Chatbots can be assigned to handle simple customer queries, meaning your agents are able to focus their attention on the more complex issues.

Rally around service success

One final way to empower your agents is with an interactive KPI dashboard. Allow your team to track their own performance, set their own targets and align their goals with the wider business to ensure that customers are receiving the kind of experience they’re expecting.

How can Salesforce help you empower your service team?

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform which can supercharge every part of your business that interacts with customers. So naturally it will catapult your customer service from mediocre to memorable (in all the right ways).

If a unified platform which stores all your data in one place is what you want, then Salesforce is what you need. Not only will all customer data be stored in one location, enabling the coveted 360 degree view we know is conducive to excellent customer service, but you will also be able to make notes, collaborate with other team members and easily contact your customers all from the same platform. With Salesforce, there’s no more switching between software to get things done, you’re able to get things done all from the same place. This is crucial to an excellent customer service. If you’re handling a customer query, the quicker you can give them answers, the better. And with all team members able to see the same data, you can rest assured that customers are only being given the most up-to-date, accurate information.

Using machine learning, Salesforce implemented Einstein AI into their software. Despite what you may think, AI isn’t going to take over your customer service job, but it will change a lot of things for the better. By combining large amounts of data with high-powered computing, the Einstein AI feature uses algorithms to learn from your data. But how does this affect customer service? Einstein bots can resolve routine customer requests and seamlessly hand off the customer to an agent if it requires a human touch. Furthermore, Einstein Agent gives your team intelligent, in-context suggestions which helps your team help your customers in the best ways possible. A great customer experience starts with a great agent experience, which is why AI was designed initially.

Finally, Salesforce is designed to create a customer service centred environment. An intuitive, interactive dashboards allows your team to view their own performance, meaning they always know what they’re doing right and how they can improve. Supplying employees with this information empowers them to keep striving to be better and to keep upping their customer service game.

If you’ve taken the smart decision to purchase Salesforce, then you’ll need someone to ensure it is configured exactly to how you and your business need it. This is what OYF are here to do. By getting to know your business and you exact requirements, we implement Salesforce in a way that ensures you are getting the most out of the system. Contact us to get started, or check out our last blog to find out more benefits that you’ll achieve from incorporating Salesforce into your business.

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