What does your business and a large corporate have in common?

March 8, 2022
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Picture a Corporate Business structure. There’s a Business Owner, Managing Director, Functional Directors, Functional Managers, and Functional ‘Doers. In fact, the structure may look similar to this………

Now consider your business…….. You may be a ‘one person army’ or have a small team, but how does your structure differ?   In fact there’s no difference…….. your structure is the same; as every job has to be done….

So what’s the problem? Your name’s in every box.

So…. Which one of these positions is the most important? The answers we get when we ask business owners vary. Some say the Operations ‘Doers’; after all if we’re not delivering to the client we’re not getting any money through the door. Others say the Sales and Marketing ‘Doers’; if we don’t get more clients on then we have no ongoing business.  But let’s think about this for a moment. If we apply the same hierarchical structure to the army; General, Major, Captain, Corporal, Private; which is the most important role? Many people say ‘The Private’…. After all, if they don’t fight we have no hope of winning.

But let me pose you a question. If we took a group of these fighters and told them to go into a field and fight, what would happen? If they weren’t told what to do, what the objective was, etc. they would fight and put in lots of effort but it would be totally uncoordinated and a total shambles.

This is what happens in so many businesses that we talk to. The owner is busy, busy, busy working all the hours God sends but doesn’t really have a clear plan or direction.  The job role of the General in the army is to plan the direction and strategy. This is what the Business Owners role is and it’s the most important role in the business.

So…. What’s your business going to look like in 5 years time?  What is your plan? The businesses that succeed know the answers to these questions. They have a clear plan laid down that they’re following and their business isn’t a success by accident but by design.

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