Which CRM system is best for my business?

March 8, 2022
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There are so many different systems that can offer such a wide range of functionality that it can all become a bit confusing to know which to choose and to be honest it's a case of 'courses for horses'.  The first thing to do is to decide on the outcomes you want from the system and my suggestion is to think at least 5 years into the future. Too many businesses implement a system which is fit for purpose today because it's cheap and then find they have a harder job changing it down the line when it's no longer fit for purpose. Here's a list of possible considerations although the list is by no means exhaustive

1. What are the growth plans for my business?

a. What will the business look like in 5 years time?

i. Will I be selling online?

ii. Will I be moving into different products or markets?

iii. Will technology change the shape of my business?

2. Where am I missing opportunities in my sales process and what would help me prevent this?

3. What do I want in the way of reports?

a. Make a list of all the important ones

4. What information is key for me to see on my dashboard?

a. Maybe draw it out on paper

5. What are my business processes and how do I want the business to work?

6. Where will I need to access the data? remote, in the office, etc

7. Who will need to use the system?

How do I decide which is best for my business?

Once you've created the requirements document as above, do your research.  Talk to an implementation expert of all the systems that you are considering and check that they can be set up in the way that you need and be future proof.  Consider how popular the system currently is; some systems are so embryonic or niche to your market that they may do the Customer part well but are they able to be integrated with other standard systems you use such as your Finance System, Purchasing system, workflow system, etc, etc, etc?

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