Why do I need a CRM system?

March 15, 2022
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Why do I need a CRM system?


What is a CRM System?

ACRM system allows you to manage your customer relationships. After all, CRM does stand for Customer Relationship Management.

By helping you to keep your customer contact details up to date, track every customer interaction, and manage customer accounts, the best CRM tools enhance the customer’s experience with your business, drive business growth and increase customer loyalty. At its core, a CRM system creates a simple user interface which you can use to communicate with customers in a scalable way.


Why are CRM systems important?

In today’s climate, a CRM system isn’t just important – it’s essential. We all know the age-old business saying “customer is king”, and CRM tools ensure they are treated as such.

Building relationships with your customers will, in turn, create loyalty and customer retention, both of which will impact your company’s revenue. But that’s not all. A CRM system will also create structure and organisation within your company’s processes, which will result in greater productivity and efficiency amongst your workforce.

Ultimately, your CRM system is your most valuable asset. Sure you may have a dedicated management team, a great product and a perfect location. But all of these are aimed at attracting customers. This is all well and good if you are looking for short term ROI. But let’s be honest, you want your company to grow, which means consistent, repeat business. The best CRM tools allow you to nurture your prospects and existing customers, which is the fastest way to increase sales.


So, why do I need a CRM system?

If you own a business, and you know how important your customers are to your growth, then you will benefit from a CRM system. However, there are plenty of other reasons why your business should consider implementing CRM tools, such as: 

  1. You struggle to keep up     with lead flow.

Bringing in leads is great! But keeping track of them can be difficult. An intelligentCRM system will store, sort and prioritise your leads, meaning they can easily be followed up. Salesforce includes Einstein AI, which uses historical and incoming customer data to flag which leads will be most important to your business.

  1. Your customer information     is hard to find.

When a business is just starting it’s not uncommon to use the trusty sticky note as a means of recording customer data. But as you grow, sticky notes, emails and spreadsheets just won’t cut it. A CRM system like Salesforce, will store all your customer data in one central location, making it easily accessible to your whole team.

  1. You’re disconnected from     your sales team.

Knowing what your sales team is up to is essential. Regardless of whether they’re in-house or on the road. The beauty of a sophisticated CRM system is the ability for team members to update details from their mobile devices. So no matter where in the world they are, everyone is kept in the loop and can act on information accordingly. The best CRM tools run in the cloud, so you and your team will never be restricted to only accessing or updating your system whilst in the office.

  1. Your customer service     isn’t up to scratch.

After all the effort you put into getting customers, the last thing you want is to give them a subpar service. If you’re spending more time responding to complaints than anticipating customer needs, you will benefit from a CRM system. Having a unified view of the customer and the ability to manage your case flow easily, you are provided with the best CRM tools to provide world-class customer service. With Salesforce, customers are guaranteed to receive a seamless interaction with no delayed handovers or having to explain themselves twice.

  1. You want to expand.

Are you confident in your business’s ability to scale? Do you have the tools in place to handle a sudden influx of new customers? A CRM system will grow with your business, meaning you can grow without sacrificing productivity. Truly worthwhile CRM tools such as Salesforce are fully customisable which means it will fit your business needs exactly. You don’t have to worry about investing into your CRM again when you begin to expand, because Salesforce is a solution now and in the future.

  1. You spend too much time on     data reporting and analysis.

If you’re still manually entering data to produce reports, then it’s time to consider investing into your CRM. Having all your reports automated means you free uptime to focus on the important things. Nowadays, CRM tools are highly sophisticated. Salesforce, for example, automatically generates reports, freeing up valuable time and ensuring nothing gets missed.


What is my next step?

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