Why do I need a Salesforce Consultant?

March 15, 2022
You ask we answer

So, You’ve ordered your new car as you’re fed up of peddling your bike as it’s hard work and way too slow. You’re excited for the delivery day because you have immediate plans to go on that long journey and this is going to make it so much easier.  Imagine your disappointment when it’s delivered and came like the picture above, a box of bits.  Undeterred however, you decide, it’ll be ok I’ll build it in the evening after work, after all it won’t take long!

Night after night you toil, not really knowing how to do it, after all you’re not a mechanic, but you plug away. The instructions aren’t all that great which means you get bits wrong and have to strip it back down time after time. A year on, it’s still only half built, doesn’t look anything like the picture and certainly wouldn’t get you to the garage door let alone your actual destination so you throw in the towel, blame the supplier and continue to travel by bike.

What’s this got to do with CRM’s?  Well this is exactly what happens when you get your brand new CRM, it comes as a box of bits without your data in and certainly not set up to align with your business processes.  So often we hear of businesses buying their CRM, attempting to implement it themselves and abandoning it a while later as it never delivered what they expected.  Sure it was free or cheap but it wasted lots of time and distracted us from our core business and we still haven’t moved the business forward.

So how is Salesforce different? Salesforce realises this challenge and has set up a number of Salesforce Mechanics (Consultants) that can help.  You buy your box of bits from Salesforce then you contact the Salesforce Consultant.

They visit your business and look at your requirements and produce an agreed spec. They build your car for you in record time as they’ve built many cars before. Even better, they build it to your requirements, they’ll set the seat position, fit the right engine with the fuel that suits you, adapt it for road or ‘off’ road, fit the right amount of seats etc

In other words, they’ll build your Salesforce CRM exactly how you need it, you won’t have to adapt your business around the system and it will be ready and up and running very quickly.  You’ll start reaping the rewards almost immediately and what’s more, your consultancy will be there for you along the journey as your requirements change or you experience problems.

Would you like a manual with your box of bits? Contact us today and one of our consultants will get in touch to put the right manual together to get your CRM up and running in the right way for your business.

Email: hello@oyfltd.co.uk
Call: 01245 979 820

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