Why Salesforce?

March 8, 2022
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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system where you store all the data about your customers and your business.

This starts from recording key information such as, who they are, their contact details, which company they work for, right through to connecting all the software systems in your business to provide a central point where all data is stored.

Salesforce will record all interactions between you and your contacts and display them on a common screen so when you are communicating with your customers you have all the information at your fingertips. It will allow you to automate many of your current manual tasks and act as a reminder system so you ensure nothing or nobody gets forgotten.  It will report on all the important information that is needed to help you know where your business is at and so much more.  In truth it is so powerful and adaptable it is equally appropriate for a small business, as well as a multinational corporation and anywhere in between.

Now the trouble with most of these systems is that they are full of jargon and acronyms that we’re put off and lose the will to live whilst a ‘techy’ person comes to life and starts to talk about things that we don’t understand. Here at OYF we like to cut through all of that and speak in a way that our clients understand.

Why Salesforce?

This is probably answered best the other way around. ‘Why not Salesforce’? There are so many ‘free’ CRM’s on the market place or ones that appear very attractive with an introductory price that are used by so many smaller SME’s which I have to say are generally perfectly adequate for your first dip into the CRM marketplace.

The challenge comes with progress in your business, as you grow or decide to connect more of your existing systems to your CRM they just won't do it. You therefore have no other option than to ditch it and install another system at that time, this incurs so much disruption and cost as you have to learn a whole new system and try to get the data out of your old CRM and into the new one.

For this reason it makes sense to start with the basic functionality of Salesforce and just switch in the more technical bits at the time that is right for you without losing what you’ve already done. As with the footings of a building, if you put in the foundations for a bungalow and then decide you want to build a house, the cost and disruption are too horrible to imagine.

What is the role of a Salesforce Consultant?

As with any job, the right tools in the hands of the wrong person is very dangerous.  Yes we could all probably have cheaper air flights if the company got rid of the pilot and their wages and let the passengers fly the plane themselves.  Chances are however, you probably wouldn’t want to be on that flight.

Remember the goal as a passenger is to get from one place to another as quickly and as safely as possible.  Our role as your Salesforce consultant is to understand from you how your business runs and what you want the system to do, from that we’ll set up your Salesforce platform to suit your business rather than you trying to fit your business around the system.

To do this we tidy up the way it looks and disable all the features that you don’t need and label things up in your terminology so that every field has a purpose and then reinstate other parts as and when they become necessary. The moral here is that we concentrate on the bits we’re good at to let you get on with doing the bit that you’re good at, running your business.

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