Why Would I Need A Salesforce Consultant?

March 8, 2022
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It is no accident that Salesforce has become the number 1 CRM platform in the world. It has been set up to allow ease of use for business operations for both large and small companies alike. It is so vast and robust which it needs to be to survive in the fast paced world of system development which means that the initial set up and maintenance can be very complex. The idea of setting up a system like this by ourselves is very tempting for many businesses in an attempt to save consultants costs, however there are many good reasons that this isn’t necessarily the best way forward which we will discuss here.

Reason #1 - Salesforce Products

There are many Salesforce products available and as time goes on this number is increasing at a rapid rate. It is hard to keep this up to date but this gives a flavour of the kind of system that could be available

All of these products have been built to connect seamlessly to ensure that your business is set up to work in the most efficient way and can save £1,000’s in administration time, effort and accuracy.

Reason #2 - Choosing the right products for your business

Choosing the right systems for your business is something that it is crucial to get right in the beginning. If we install the wrong foundations, then everything else we add to it after that is potentially just a bodge job.  A salesforce Consultant has the advantage that they have installed such systems many times over and will understand the needs of a business and what the system can do for you. Salesforce has the ability to be set up for the small business and then be added to as the business grows allowing you to keep the same business system throughout rather than setting up on one system and then having the business upheaval to change when the original system is outgrown by your business.

Reason #3 - Saves you time

As much as all businesses have people in them that may be described as ‘techy’, Salesforce is a system that is so vast it is just as important to know your way around the system. A Salesforce Consultant can complete tasks in a few minutes that someone without the specific knowledge may take a few hours / days to complete. I myself tried to do a ‘DIY’ set up in a previous business and after a year of not getting it what to do kicked it into touch and labelled it a ‘useless’ system. This happened with another 3 such systems and what I subsequently learnt was that the problem lie with me, not the system.

Reason #4 - Smooth updating

Salesforce releases 3 updated editions every year.  Salesforce Consultants that are certified have to update their certifications to ensure they are current with the versions. Your Consultant is your eyes and ears looking out for what new features are available and what the updates mean for your system.

Reason #5 - Integration with other incumbent systems

As Salesforce is the leading CRM system in the world it stands to reason that every other software developer wants their system to integrate with it.  Salesforce Consultants have the experience of connecting to these other systems many times so this becomes a quick and easy task using Apps from Salesforce’s very own App store.

Reason #6 - Providing you / your business with Key Data

There is an old saying that says, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it! Your Salesforce Consultant is experienced in presenting key data to you so that you can get on with running your business.

Reason #7 - Expert Advice

Your Salesforce Consultant knows exactly what can or can’t be done. They become part of your Business Advisor team and will help you get the set up your business deserves.

Reason #8 - CRM Strategy

The same as with your business, you need to know what you are building, after all, you wouldn’t start putting footings in for a house if you hadn’t decided what you were building.  Your CRM system is no different and your Salesforce Consultant will help you with knowing what your CRM system needs to be like to support the growth plans of your business.

Reason #9 - User training

As with any new system in your business the users need to be trained to ensure that you get the best benefit. Your Salesforce Consultant will be able to train all the team so that they hit the ground running and don’t learn through a series of ‘chinese whispers’.

Reason #10 - You utilise your resources where they are best suited

Every time you take someone off their core job to look after the CRM their focus on the day job reduces.  We tend then to lose a great experienced resource from where they were and convert them into a less effective resource in the CRM arena.  Using a Consultant allows your team to keep focussed on what they do best.

Reason #11 - Long term relationship

Just like your car that needs to be serviced regularly, your CRM system needs this too.  Your Salesforce Consultant will be there for you for the long term and ensure your system is working for you forever.

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