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Should I set up my salesforce myself?

Often when talking to business owners I find that their view of systems is tainted by the horror stories that they've heard from other businesses that have tried to implement a CRM system themselves a


Do you need a CRM system?

It’s the start of a new calendar year and the time that so many businesses will be looking ahead and planning what they want to achieve next. Maybe there will a New Year’s Resolution or two mixed in..


Why do I need a Salesforce Consultant?

So, You’ve ordered your new car as you’re fed up of peddling your bike as it’s hard work and way too slow. You’re excited for the delivery day because you have immediate plans to go on that long jo...


Do small businesses need a CRM system?

We believe that all businesses should have a CRM system, no matter how large or small. That doesn’t mean to say it should always be Salesforce, however all businesses should have a central system for


Is your business a true business or is it just giving you a job?

So, one day we decided it was time to set up a business for ourselves for one of the many reasons I hear. We scratch our head to decide what the business should be and invariably we come up with the i


Productivity in the workplace after Covid

This is a hot topic with so many varied opinions ranging from ‘employees have to work from the office as they can’t be productive at home’ to the total opposite. I believe there’s no one size fits al


Just how ‘Effective’ is your ‘Effective Selling Time (EST)’?

Sales people with good selling skills are really hard to come by. When we do get one, we want them to be on the phone selling for as much time as possible. So why is it so common in sales department


Why should every business have a CRM dashboard?

Let’s look at the first component, Value of Won Opportunities (YTD). We can see from the gauge that our target of sales for the year is £4million. If we are under £3million, we would be in the ‘red’ z


Would you like an unlimited marketing budget?

How much do you spend on marketing each year? What do you allow in your budget and how do you decide where to invest that cash?‍Some Business Owners seem to feel that spending money on marketing is li


What does your business and a large corporate have in common?

Picture a Corporate Business structure. There’s a Business Owner, Managing Director, Functional Directors, Functional Managers, and Functional ‘Doers. In fact, the structure may look similar to this……


Removing waste in your business via a CRM system?

Do you want to reduce waste in your business? So what's stopped you so far? Generally this is because we don't know what to do or how to do it. Now contrary to popular belief, Lean Management doesn


Do you have the right team on board?

A business is only as good as the Team Members that work within it. So often, we hear the Business Owner saying….. ‘Everything would be fine if the team that work for me did as they were supposed to.’


If only my Team would all pull together!

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve heard this comment from Business Owners. Why is it that other Businesses seem to have all the luck and have a Team that help them get where they want


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